Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Great Place to Work: MACYS

*Hawaii Works Recommendation*

Did you know that Macy's is always hiring?

As a former employee of Macy's I can vouch for their great training program and great benefits, including a 20% discount on basically everything in the store. Macy's also is a great place to work! They are goal oriented and have a great management team that offer employees great encouragement.

Submit an application online at http://www.macysjobs.com

Start your new career at Macy's today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes

When it comes to getting that dream job, your first impression is always your resume. You know the horror stories about the soaring stacks of resumes employers have to go through. The key to being remembered is not only making that follow up call, but also writing a resume that out-shines the rest.

The Resume.com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes gives you the resources you need to make sure your resume makes it to the top of the stack and not buried in the hopeless pile of so-so applicants. The authors not only give you over 100 awesome sample resumes, they also walk you step-by-step through the resume building process. They even have sections tailored to your specific field of work.

If you're resume needs some spicing up, this book is a must.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

McDonalds is a Great Place to Get Started and it's Easier Than Ever!

I personally have worked at McDonalds and found the experience much more positive than what I was expecting. McDonalds is an excellent place to enter the workforce or rejoin the workforce, especially in today's joba market.

Did you know that McDonalds of Hawaii took it upon themselves to launch their very own, personalized employment website? You can check what positions are available and at which locations. Very easy to use, it's a one stop site for anyone looking for a job at McDonalds. By the way, if you have management experience, McDonalds also hires Manager-trainees. McDonalds has a nationally recognized management training program, one of the best in the industry. Don't over look McDonalds as a great place to jump start your career.

McDonlads of Hawaii's New Online Employment Website: htttp://www.mchawaii.net