Monday, June 17, 2013

Nail Your Job Interview with these Interview Tips

Everyone knows job interviews can be the most stressful part of the job seeking process. I've compiled a list of tip to help you pull off a successful job interview.

Interview Preparation

Research the position and the company. Understand the position for which you are applying. Study the job bulletins and do some online research. This will help you relate your skills to the requirements of the position. Know a little history and background of the company. Working your knowledge of this into the conversation will surely impress your interviewer.

Anticipate questions. Jot down a few general questions that you would ask if you were interviewing a potential employee. Think of situational questions such as, "How would you approach a situation in which your supervisor was breaking the rules?" Jot a few of these down too. Anticipate difficult questions that your interviewer could throw at you. Then sit down and answer the questions you wrote down. Think full sentences rather than one word answers. Another good idea is to highlight your qualifications or strength in answering these question.

Prepare question for your interviewer. Think of a few questions to ask your interviewer. Your questions should be specific and not something that you could have looked up yourself in company literature. For example, "What type of training will I receive for this position?" These questions will not only make sure the position is right for you, but will let your interviewer know that you're engaged in the interview lending you some grounded creditability.

Practice and relax. If you've done the first three steps then you're almost ready. Now you know the company, the questions that might be asked, and the questions you're going to ask. It's time to rehearse. Practice actually saying the answers to your question aloud. Practice asking your question aloud. This way you won't be hearing it for the first time at the interview and then realize that you could have put it another way. Be yourself and be honest. An interviewer can spot a fibber a mile away. Plus, if you're honest, then you already have all the answers to the questions. Once you're satisfied, it's time to relax. Collect yourself and your thoughts.